Modified release pellets: one path to optimized drug product

Join us for a free webinar presented by Torkel Gren, Science and Technology Officer, Philippe Gorria, Director Formulation Development and Aaron Small, Vice President Global Development Sales at Recipharm.

Key learning objectives
  • Explore the potential to create new products using pellet technology
  • Examine the advantages of using pellets to achieve modified release products
  • Understand the challenges of pellet technology and how to overcome development hurdles
  • A case study where pellets are used to achieve modified release will also be discussed.

Modified release technology can be used to improve the performance of new chemical entities (NCEs) as well as existing drug substances. There are many advantages of modified release products, including less frequent dosing, improved patient compliance and decreased side effects. For existing products the technology creates new possibilities not only for the patient but also for the pharma company, for example extending exclusivity rights.