Drug development for start-ups and emerging pharma (Part 2 of 2)

Join us for a free webinar presented by

  • Torkel Gren - PhD Science and Technology Officer
  • Aaron Small - Vice President, Global Development Sales

From drug proof of concept (POC) to launch
The drug development for start-ups and emerging pharma webinar is the second of a two part series covering the development steps from proof of concept (POC) to launch.
A drug development project is performed over several years and involves many different experts. For a small organisation, it is vital to choose the right partners, plan carefully and ensure effective communication to reduce risks.

During this webinar, Recipharm’s experts will discuss the pharmaceutical development process from POC through to launch and the key considerations that need attention throughout the process.

Key learning objectives
  • Get a clear view of the important steps of drug development from proof of concept until launch
  • How to reduce risks in the development process
  • Understand the time line and critical steps
  • Importance of having the end product in mind from the start